DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. was founded in October 1987 to meet funding needs of community and economic development initiatives for small municipalities throughout upstate New York.  Since its inception, DBS Planning Consultants, Inc., has managed more than one hundred projects for over fifty municipal and not-for-profit clients.  In over 24 years of business, DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. has secured over $40 million in state, federal and private funding on behalf our clients.  These funds supported a wide variety of projects in the areas of planning, home ownership and housing rehabilitation, infrastructure, and economic development.


The firm appreciates the need for completing comprehensive planning to assure protection of community assets, identification of viable resources, and assist each client to realize its full potential.  DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. has assisted several communities in securing significant funds to conduct planning efforts and marketing strategies.  These documents have been an important component of each community’s revitalization efforts.


Since 2000, the firm also has completed a number of business and community revitalization projects that increased economic activity, improved streetscapes, identified reuse of important community structures, and enhanced property values.  DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. also recognizes that community revitalization cannot take place without adequate infrastructure.  Therefore, the company also focuses on assisting clients in securing funds for rehabilitation of existing infrastructure or development of new facilities.

We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and identify possible funding solutions at no cost.