Public Infrastructure



Second Street Retaining Wall Replacement Project


Funding Source

Funding Type


Community Development Block Grant


$ 400,000.00

Castleton Department of Public Works

Force Account Labor

$   15,000.00



$ 415,000.00


The Village engaged the services of DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. to secure the funding needed to address the critical need of replacing a deteriorated and dangerous wood retaining wall located on Second Street in the Village.   DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. worked with Village Officials and Clark Engineers to identify a viable solution and affordable financing for the project.  DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. prepared a CDBG request that resulted in a funding award of $400,000.  The project was completed at no cost to the Village.

TOWN OF PETERSBURGH – Population 1,784


Water Reservior Project


Funding Source

Type of Funding


Community Development Block Grant



The Town of Petersburgh maintains a small water district that includes approximately 110 users.  Though small, it is the Town’s responsibility to ensure the system provides clean, safe drinking water for the residents of the district.  Until recent years, the Town relied on an in-ground concrete reservoir that included deteriorating walls and an earthen floor. 


DBS Planning Consultants, Inc. prepared an application for CDBG funds for the construction of a new, state of the art steel reservoir to replace the failing facility.  The project was awarded and the Town was able to complete the project at no cost to the water district.

Town of Petersburgh Water Reservoir shortly after coming on line.  No cost to the residents of the water district.